Author:  J. Dobke, B. Burkhardt, Erstellt am 2015/02/16, Last modification: 2015/02/16

LBL-Registry Registry for children and adolescents with lymphoblastic lymphoma
Disease Lymphoblastic Lymphoma
Type Registry
Problem / Objectives

At the moment there is no clinical trial for the treatment of children and adolescents with lymphoblastic lymphoma in Germany.
But the study centre for Non-Hodgkin-Lymphomas in Gießen offers to collect data in a registry concerning diagnosis and therapy. That collection allows the study centre to answer question from treatment centres based on clinical data.

Therapy / Study arms

Of course the treatment centres are free to treat new patients with a therapy / tretament protocol of their choice.
The protocol NHL-BFM 1990 without radiation meets actually the best clinical practice.

Inclusion Criteria
  • Histological diagnosis of a lymphoblastic lymphoma
  • Agreement from patient’s parents or legal guardian as well as the patient
Status Ende der Rekrutierung am 15.06.2012
Principal Investigator Prof. Dr. med. Alfred Reiter


Prof. Dr. med. Alfred Reiter Universitätsklinikum Gießen und Marburg GmbH Zentrum f. Kinderheilkunde, Päd. Hämatologie u. Onkologie Feulgenstraße 12 35392 Gießen Telefon +49 (641) 985 43420 Fax +49 (641) 985 43429


Participants GPOH-treatment centres
Link(s) Trial Literature on Non-Hodgkin-Lymphomas