Rare tumours and other malignant diseases


Rare tumours and other diseases

The following pages will provide you with information on rare tumours and other very rare malignant childhood diseases, such as pharyngolaryngeal cancer and cancer of the pancreas or the salivary glands.

Information for patients or family members

Here, you will soon find information on the selected rare tumours in children and teenagers.

Care for rare cancers

GPOH Pediatric Rare Tumor Group

A working group specialised on very rare tumours in children and adolescents, the members of which form part of the So­cie­ty for Pa­ed­ia­tric On­co­lo­gy and Hae­ma­to­lo­gy (GPOH), has built up a network in order to study and thus better understand and manage rare childhood tumours. In 2012, a registry for patients with rare tumours (called STEP) was opened to furher intensify the working group's studies by registration of all rare tumour cases in Germany. more in German

Clinical Trials

Almost all Western European
children and teenagers with cancer are treated according to standardised protocols based on clinical trials or registries. Currently active trials / registries:

Literature and work material

Treatment guidelines, trial literature, checklists, and further information on the subject:

For more reading

you will find some additional in­for­ma­ti­on on rare diseases pro­vi­ded by ex­ter­nal sour­ces he­re: