Lymphoma - Cancer of the lymphatic system



Cancer of the lymphatic system

Malignant lymphomas arise from transformed cells of the lymphatic system. Most patients with lymphomas present with lymphnode swellings. Accounting for about 14% of all childhood cancers and showing an incidence of 300 newly diagnosed young patients per year, malignant lymphomas are the third most frequent malignancy in German children and teenagers. Two major groups of lymphomas can be differentiated: Hodgkin Lymphomas (Morbus Hodgkin) and Non Hodgkin Lymphomas (NHL). Since they usually affect the whole organism, they belong to the group of systemic diseases.

Hodgkin-Lymphoma (M. Hodgkin)

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Non-Hodgkin-Lymphoma (NHL)

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Trials / Registries

Almost all European
children and teenagers with malignant lymphomas are treated according to standardised protocols based on clinical trials (or registries). Currently active trials / registries:

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