Supportive Care

Author:  Maria Yiallouros, Dr. med. habil. Gesche Tallen, Erstellt am 2022/01/05, Editor:  Maria Yiallouros, Reviewer:  Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Günter Henze, English Translation:  Hannah McRae, Last modification: 2022/01/05

Depending on the type and intensity of anticancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy), supportive care of the child or adolescent with cancer is frequently required. Supportive care regimens help to manage side-effects that have been caused by the disease or the treatment, respectively.

Some of them have specifically been developed to reduce pain and other symptoms as well as to maintain a certain quality of life for patients whose disease cannot be cured. However, not every health problem associated with cancer can be successfully managed or even prevented.

The following paragraphs provide information on various common side-effects and corresponding general supportive care recommendations. These recommendations are usually adjusted to the individual conditions of the treatment centre.


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