Bone marrow tests

Author:  Gesche Tallen, MD, PhD, Editor:  Dr. med. Gesche Tallen, Reviewer:  Prof. Dr. med. Ursula Creutzig, English Translation:  Hannah McRae, Last modification: 2012/03/28

The analysis of bone marrow cells is necessary for the diagnostics of some childhood cancers, particularly of leukaemias and lymphomas. The oncologists will determine various characteristics of the bone marrow cells under the microscope. Also, molecular and immunological tests will be performed on the samples.

Children and teenagers with certain cancers (such as leukaemias, lymphomas, neuroblastoma, to name a few) need to have samples of their bone marrow examined to:

  • to confirm the diagnosis
  • to classify the disease (please see "classification")
  • to determine the stage of the disease, including the assessment of the spread (metatsasis)
  • to monitor the course of the disease and its response to treatment

Here, you will find more information on how the doctors take bone marrow from a childhood cancer patient.