Recommendations for Home (during or after chemo- and radiotherapy)

Author:  Gesche Tallen, MD, PhD, Editor:  Maria Yiallouros, Reviewer:  Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Günter Henze, English Translation:  Hannah McRae, Last modification: 2020/05/14

The immune system of a cancer patient is compromised during the entire treatment. Therefore, the child or adolescent is prone to infection for a long time. In order to prevent such complications, it is very important to follow certain directions and recommendations regarding hygiene and nutrition also when the patient is at home.

The following information refers to those patients who do not undergo a stem cell transplant. The recommendations are according to those developed and published by the German Pediatric Oncology Nurses Group (GPONG). In many clinics you may receive a brochure called "Wegbegleiter" which summarizes these GPONG recommendations.

These recommendations do not claim to be complete and should not replace personal communication with the care giver team, who should be the immediate and first contact in case of any questions or problems.