Checklisten und Hinweise

Author:  Annette Laupert, Editor:  Dr. med. Ralf Herold, Last modification:  2010/08/13

These checklists, created by the ACRQC in accordance with the trial coordination centers, are a tool for hospital trial teams. Users are expected to sign the respective fields after each step has been taken (e.g. 'planned', 'done', 'seen findings'). This procedure is expected to improve the quality of a therapy optimization trial. Using the checklist for organization and documentation facilitates the cooperation within a hospital trial team. There are checklists for initial diagnostics and the diagnostics of the course of disease. Both are in accordance with the trial protocol and offer space for individual amendments. In case of comments and modification requests please send us an email. Checklists are available in German language only. We apologize for the inconvenience.